We consider ourselves a part of your team.  We are specialists and experts at our tradecraft.  So even when you don’t need us to produce your whole show, we can still help in ways you might not expect, even if it’s only bringing a fresh perspective and expertise to the table. B. Levine offers a la carte production services in two unique ways:

Individual/End Clients: (Corporate, Entertainment, Social)

As an End Client, you are in the perfect position to manage every part of the event process, including whether or not you choose to hire an event production firm. B. Levine can manage the event process for you, keeping the project an internal 'in-house' production. We can also act as a liaison between you and your event production or management company so you have someone acting in your best interest.

With a specialization in production, design, logistics and vendor/supplier management, B. Levine is your perfect choice to supervise your events behind the scenes -- with direct or indirect management procedures.

Event Production Companies:

Many production firms attempt to produce the entire event "in-house", only to discover they or their teams are spread too thin while attempting to manage the process during times of simultaneous productions. B. Levine offers confidential, seamless, behind-the-scenes event professionals that fully integrate with your firm's unique production structure and system. Whether working hand-in-hand with members of your team, or working independently, we’ll help you get the project activated and executed professionally.